Dr. Karen Keddy

Assistant Professor,

Department of Architecture

College of Architecture and Urban Planning

Ball State University,

Muncie, Indiana



“People ignore design that ignores people.”  – Frank Chimero




WELCOME to my CSI blog!


I teach cultural and social issues in architecture (CSI) at Ball State University. I teach three CSI courses: ARCH 252, ARCH 429, and ARCH 552. This set of courses is a recent addition to the curriculum for both the undergraduate and graduate programs in the Department of Architecture.


This blog is a repository for content related to the CSI courses that I teach. I have a number of students who send me news articles and photographs that they think relate to what we discussed in class. I thought that this would be a good way to make this content available to everyone. I am always updating this site with new material and recent course assignments.


ARCH 252 and ARCH 429:

You can access some samples of past assignments from the right-hand side bar.


ARCH 552:

You can access the course readings, titles of films and some samples of assignments from the right-hand side bar. I have been teaching Arch 552 (Citizenship, Worldviews, and the Public Sphere) since 2006.  I have been collecting ‘built examples’ and ‘public events’ that the students researched for an assignment related to that week’s readings. Designers can use these examples as precedents in their work.




Ben Ross was my teaching assistant for ARCH 252 and ARCH 429 from Fall, 2006 to  Fall, 2007 and he continues to send me articles to this day. Last spring 2009, Alonso Arambula started this blog. Ryan Ellsworth is my current teaching assistant for ARCH 252 and ARCH 429.  He edited a lot of the content that is on this blog from those courses.  Whitney Ruckel is the current Web Master. He developed this site and has been posting all the content and maintaining it this year.

Also, thanks to John Jackson for sending the Chimero quote.


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