Assignment #2 – Digging up some dirt: Critical Issues within Architecture

This assignment explored an array of critical issues in architectural practice and the education of architects. Students engaged issues particular to the critical analysis of representation, equity, difference, as well as little known statistics and historical facts in regards to gender, race, and class.

The students were provided with an introduction to these key issues and then selected their own topics to research. These panels were printed out on 24” x 36” boards and were exhibited in the College of Architecture and Planning at Ball State University. The panels were displayed on the Dean’s Wall for both the annual BSU Women’s Week event and the NOMAS (National Organization of Minority Architecture Students) – Reinvention of the Multicultural Center and Cultural Celebration event. Upon request, several of the boards were displayed at another Women’s Week event on campus entitled, “A Day in Her Shoes. The Many Cultures of Women on Campus.”


Architectural Education

Design Juries on Trial: (And you thought your critiques were harsh…) – Robert Beuchel, Glenn Cramer, David Eberwein, Nick Wiggins, & Maya Zaragoza


Role Models for Girls

Come on Barbie, Let’s go Program! – Cassie DeMerchant, April Gosser, Michelle Novotny, & Claudia Portillo

“You Can Be…” But Will You Be?: Women in Architecture – Rebecca Ackerman, Destiny Conely, Rachel Shettle, Haley Shonkwiler, & Whitney Wamer


Design – Gender Differences

The Stall Street Journal: Without “She Pee,” Where do I Go? – Daniel Bayer, Paul Desmond, Jason Foley, & Andrew Hostetler

Public Bathrooms: Wiping away gender discrimination – Dillon Pranger, Adam McGuire, Justin Gross, & Caleb Wild

Redesigning the American Dream: Levittown – Katie Werner, Marlee Brabin, Maddie Toth, & Mallory Barga

Separate Spaces: The Victorian House vs. The Usonian House – Christopher Baile, Jordan Inman, Tad A. Jameyfield, Dave Smith, & Jeff Thornberry


Design – Race and Classism

Slavery: An Established Order – Lindsay Gregory, Andrea Lee, & Eunseam Lee


Design – Herstory / History

Goddess Temples of Malta – Craig Genet, Justin Krajci, Travis Miller, & Lovelyn Pastrana


African-Americans in Architecture

African-American Architects – Rob Gordon, Zach Grajewski, Taylor Metcalf, Nicole Miller, & Tyler Schwede

Colorless Architecture: The [limited] role of African Americans in the design profession – Kristin Cochran, Antony Gary, Michael Bramer, Colin Marshall, & Zach Braddock

The Unbearable Whiteness of Being an Architect – Lauren Diaz, Thomas Friddle, Ryne Kempin, & Hank Mezza


Women in Architecture / Design / Building

Women Architects: Where do they go? – Hans Koesters, Eric Barr, Mike Miller, Matt Nichols, & Tom Martiny

Fe[Male] Partnership in Architecture: An artful ballet, the balance between being a husband / wife and a partner in a design studio – Matt Fullencamp, Brooke Longcore, Justin Nicol, Joshua Stowers, Colby Vanhorn

Non-traditional Careers for Women: Building Trades – Tori Brown, Jaren Cooley, Chloe Tyner, Paul Christianson, & Daniel Potash

A Greener Gender? – Ashley Stier, Tim Maxwell, Sage Frewer, Nathaniel Keihn, & Avi Patel


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