Project #3 – Middletown Film Project (2008)

Professors Karen Keddy and Pam Harwood designed this project for their Arch 429 classes.

During the semester, their students read Robert & Helen Lynd’s Middletown: A Study in Modern American Culture. For their final project, they were asked to explore the cultural and historical fabric of Muncie, Indiana, while incorporating one of the themes from Lynd’s publication.

 Using archival and interpretive-historical research, they documented their findings with short videos. The videos have been uploaded to youtube. Follow the links below to watch them.

Selected Work:

The Kitselman Family Home – Kevin Price, Emily Hoyt, William McCutchan, & Devin Sielschott

Masonic Temple / Cornerstone Center for the Arts – Greg Josken, Kate Lengacher, Brandon Nelson, & Ann Ross

Lucius and Sarah Ball – Matt DeLoughery, Michelle Armand, Audrey Neiwender, & Joe Bohn

Burris Laboratory School – Mike Bruner, Andy Hesterman, Andrew Nelson, & Mallory Stump.


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