Project #1 – White River Installation

Sites: along the White River in Muncie, Indiana

Projects: assemblages + temporary installations

Objectives: research, interpret, create a multi-sensory place in the natural landscape for an event

Senses: aural / olfactory / tactile / haptic / corporeal / taste / sight

Precedents: Andy Goldsworthy / Christo and Jeanne-Claude


(Photographs of the installation were featured on the Dean’s Wall at the College of Architecture and Planning, during the spring of 2010.)


Selected Work:

Group 1 – Ben Greenberg, Eric Jensen, Jon Kirby, & Paul Reynolds

Group 2 – Jessica DeVries, Austin Lucari, & Jim Moehring

Group 4 – Eric Lindner, Nate Schlundt, & Todd Wolf

Group 6 – Resmi Anithakumari Satheesan, James DeChant, Joseph Martin, & Christopher Harrison

              – Video: Movement

              – Video: Life + Death

Group 7 – Mary Walgamuth, Laura Surma, Josh Springer, Brock Wilson, & Cathie Senter


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