InformeDesign (Where Research Informs Design)
InformeDesign transforms research into an accessible format for architects, graphic designers, housing specialists, interior designers, landscape architects, urban designers and planners, and the public. Summaries of research studies are listed under one or all of the following: space, issues, and occupants. A synopsis is provided that includes: design issue, design criteria, key concepts, research method, limitations, and commentary. Also look here for the archives of past issues of Implications and for collaboration opportunities.
IAPS – International Association People-Environment Studies
This is an international organization made up of several disciplines which have an interest in environment and behavior studies. These disciplines include environmental psychology, geography, architecture, urban deisgn, sociology, social psychology, interior design, and urban planning. Look here for news about their conferences, networks, journals, events, digital library, and research studies.
EDRA – The Environmental Design Research Association
This is a national organization that advances and disseminates behavior and design research. Look here for news about their conferences, networks, academic programs, journals, events, career opportunities, library collection, EDRA conference proceedings papers, and DRN (Design Research News).
onesmallproject’s bookmarks
Wes Janz, a Professor in the Department of Architecture at Ball State University manages and updates a bookmarking site he developed with over 800 tags such as activism, homeless, nonprofit, abandonment, and Midwess Distress Tour (related to the cities of Detroit, Flint, Gary, Chicago, East St. Louis, and Cincinnati).

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